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Acoust Offers natural-sounding AI voices in over 30 languages and 250 voices that sound just like you.
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Human like high quality voices

Acoust advanced AI voices are designed to sound real, like humans. Most people can't tell the difference between our AI voices and recorded human voices.
Acoust provides a variety of voices in more than 30 languages with multiple accents, such as English in American, Australian, British, and Canadian accents. Test voice quality for free!

Simple yet powerful Text to Speech platform!

Here are some of the tools that can enhance your text to speech experience

Focus with Emphasize

Enhance your voiceover by utilizing Acoust’s 'Emphasis' feature. Add extra force to specific syllables, words, or phrases and bring your voiceover life.

Control your Pitch

Utilize Acoust’s  'Pitch' feature to emphasize emotional words or phrases. Personalize the voice to suit your needs.

Add Pauses

Add pauses of varying lengths to your narration to give the listener's attention a break to create an engaging audio experience.

Native Pronunciation

Customize pronunciation by using alternative spellings to improve clarity in speech.

Speed & peace

Adjust the voiceover's pace to match the message's rhythm and flow with ease.

Express your Emotions

Acoust’s dynamic emotions. Choose from versatile options like excitement, sadness, anger, calmness, terror, & more to infuse your content.

Enterprise-grade, safe, secure and reliable

Enterprise-grade, safe, secure and reliable

Looking for top-notch voiceover services for your creative team? You have come to the right place! Our systems are specifically designed to protect your data and guarantee user security. With a team account, you can collaborate with your team on a wide range of services including story development, voice cloning, custom pronunciation and much more.

Securely at the core

At Acoust, we prioritize your privacy. Our secure systems ensure that your data is always protected and safe. Whether you need to store low- or high-business-impact content, we've got you covered. Our platform is specifically designed to meet all security and compliance requirements, giving you peace of mind so that you can focus on growing your business.

Designed for content teams

Collaborating on content creation doesn’t need to be a hassle. Acoust for Teams  is a shared online workspace for collaboration with access to AI-powered tools for creating, editing and publishing. Give it a try and see how much smoother your teamwork collaboration can be!

Benefits of Acoust Text to Speech

Save time and money in recording voice overs

Creating voiceovers in the traditional way involves hiring a professional voice artist, investing in expensive recording equipment, renting a recording studio, and outsourcing the recorded piece to an editor for modification and editing. This process is not only time-consuming but also highly expensive. However, with Acoust, you can create high-quality voiceovers without having to spend as much time and money.

Editing voice over is as easy as editing text. Simply cut, copy, paste, and export

Producing high-quality, realistic voice overs with Acoust is simple 3 step process. Type in the text, copy-paste an existing script or import. Choose an AI voice of your choice from Acoust evolvong growing voices with emotion across different languages and accents. Use custom features like emphasis, pause, pronunciation and more to add more depth to your voice over narration. Click play to build audio.

Ensure a consistent brand voice for better brand recognition and customer engagement

Acoust now offers the ability to create an AI voice that replicates your own or another person's voice. All that is required is a custom script recorded by the voice actor or the person whose voice needs to be cloned. The Acoust team will then process the audio content and voice samples on the backend to create a custom voice. Once complete, the AI voice clone will be available to users in Acoust Studio.

Connect effectively with customers worldwide using our AI-powered, multi-language voice technology.

Convert your written text into spoken words in almost any language. Our services offer a wide range of voice options with different ages, genders, and tonalities, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, and more. You can explore various voice and language combinations to create a result that connects with you and your audience.

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Text to Speech: What is it and how does it works?

Text to Speech (TTS) is a cutting-edge technology that converts written content into spoken language. TTS software employs advanced artificial intelligence to analyze written text, ensuring that the spoken output sounds natural and is delivered with the correct intonation and pronunciation. This innovative tool has a wide range of applications, from eLearning to customer service, and is increasingly being used in the creation of audiobooks, voiceovers, and other forms of audio content. By transforming written content into spoken word, TTS technology is revolutionizing content consumption and creation, making information more accessible and engaging across various platforms.

Top use case of Text to speech

Why Text to Speech matters for businessText-to-Speech (TTS) software is a revolutionary tool that helps businesses improve accessibility and simplify content creation. TTS technology converts written text into natural-sounding speech, making it easy for companies to create engaging audiobooks, eLearning materials, and marketing videos without the need for voice actors. This not only saves time and reduces costs but also enables brands to reach a wider audience, including those with visual impairments. By embracing TTS, you can take your customer experience, learning outcomes, and content strategy to the next level.

Who can benefit from TTS?


AI text-to-speech can transform written material into engaging auditory content, making lessons more accessible and varied for students with different learning styles.

Marketing Professionals

Use AI to create dynamic and personalized voice content for your campaigns, enhancing customer engagement without the need for extensive voice talent budgets.


Incorporate AI voices for narration or character voices in your episodes, allowing for more creative storytelling without the logistical challenges of recording multiple speakers.

Audio Book Producers

AI text-to-speech provides a cost-effective way to produce audiobooks, especially for a vast library of texts, enabling a wider selection for listeners.


Bring your characters to life with diverse voices from AI text-to-speech, adding depth to your animation with less time spent on voice casting.

Customer Support

Bring your characters to life with diverse voices from AI text-to-speech, adding depth to your animation with less time spent on voice casting.


Convert text to voice to make your study materials more interactive, aiding in better comprehension and retention of information.


Utilize AI voices to create training materials that can easily be updated and localized, ensuring your training is scalable and adaptable.

Content Creators

Expand your content’s reach by using AI to quickly generate voiceovers in multiple languages, making your content accessible to a global audience.

Video Producers

Leverage AI text-to-speech to speed up your production workflow, providing narration and dialogue without the need for traditional voice recording sessions.

Acoust: The leading text-to-speech software

E-learning Videos

AI text-to-speech enables the creation of diverse and inclusive educational content, allowing educators to easily update and localize lessons, making learning accessible and engaging for a global audience.


Transform your presentations into dynamic and interactive experiences with AI-generated voiceovers. Tailor your message with various voices and languages to captivate and communicate effectively with any audience.

Audio Books

AI text-to-speech opens up vast opportunities for authors and publishers to efficiently produce audiobooks, broadening access to literature and learning materials for audiences who prefer auditory learning.

Sales and Marketing Videos

Elevate your sales and marketing efforts with AI-generated voiceovers that can quickly adapt to different campaigns, ensuring your message resonates with diverse markets without the high costs of traditional voice actors.

Product Demos

Enhance product demonstrations with AI text-to-speech, providing clear, engaging explanations that can easily be updated or customized for different audiences, helping to showcase your product's features and benefits effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acoust AI?

Acoust is an online Text-to-Speech (TTS) service that utilizes the latest in AI technologies to produce lifelike speech. You can use the audio to provide voice overs, listen to documents and articles or develop audio content such as training materials or newsletters.

Do you required a minimum commitment for your monthly plans? 

Our monthly plans do not have a minimum commitment.

Do you offer team accounts?

Not yet. If you would like team accounts, please contact us to help us understand your requirements.

Do I have to use SSML?

No, you can use plain text. However, Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) provides additional control and customization. For supported tags, please see our SSML help article.

Can I download the generated audio?

Yes, the generated audio can be downloaded in MP3 format.

What languages are supported?

Please refer to our languages help article for the latest list of growing number of supported languages.

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